Monday, November 24, 2008

Prayers of Intercession

The following are prayers by LSTC student Birgitte Jeppesen from LSTC's chapel service last Thursday...

God your kingdom is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, come to us now and open in us the gates to your kingdom.

God stay with us in the dawning of a new day

A fresh start

To live in your loving hands

Stay with us in relationships

Nurture us

Stay with us

In the political times of uncertainty

Where duties wait and opportunities are born.

Help and guide us to turn the challenges, hopes and opportunities, privately and politically, into action that transforms, build up and reconcile what is broken.

Guide leaders to use their power wisely for the fellow good of everyone, also the people whose voice is not heard.

Help us to live our new day in trust, not fear.

So we this very day, may show forth your light

God stay with us.

Where the day becomes night.

Where lives are destroyed and creativity killed

Where laughter, singing and story sharing is mute

Where compassion and trust do not exist

Where fear is the master

And injustice rule

Stay with us where night rules

In structures and institution in our societies designed to destroy and dehumanize human beings.

The School of the Americas, prison cells, chambers of torture, cold corners of the city.

God we pray, conquest the night.

Conquest anything that prevent your creation to unfold and flourish.

May your resurrected light reach out to the corners of darkness.

God awaken us.

That we may see clearly the beauty - in your creation, in each other and in ourselves

Help us to make the world more beautiful, just, funny, and peaceful, in each of our unique and creative ways.

And remind us that even when we are tired, insecure, sad, or stressed you receive us and bring forth the best in us.

We leave our lives, our dear ones and all the people we meet during this day in your loving hands.


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