Monday, November 03, 2008

Election 2008

There has been great interest in the election this year at LSTC. We have had large gatherings of students to watch the convention speeches and all four debates together this year. We discussed the debates and the issues they raised afterwards.

Last Wednesday we talked about the ELCA Advocacy document, "Called to be a Public Church: 2008 ELCA Voting and Civic Participation Guide" ( Dan Schwick from Lutheran Social Services of Illinois came to discuss the document with students. The document offers helpful tips on how churches can get involved with elections with voter registration drives, get out the vote efforts, etc. It also offers Issue Briefs on issues like Domestic Hunger, Housing, Health Care, etc.

Through these activities together we have explored issues of faith and civic participation. I think this year especially people realize the importance of the election and what is at stake. Dr. Richard Perry has been with us to help facilitate discussion, and he said that this was the first time he's ever seen students at LSTC organize debate watching and be so engaged in the process. Students will be gathering tomorrow to watch the results as well...

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