Friday, November 07, 2008

Arrival for Domination

Greetings All,

We left the seminary this morning at 6:22am. After giving the goat one last goodbye kiss, we were off East for the historic battlefields of Gettysburg. It seems that these battlefields will once again get some historic action this weekend as we fight tooth and nail for the coveted Book of Concord trophy and Luther bobble-head. They are more precious than they sound on paper. Trust me.

The car ride was thankfully uneventful. My car listened to the greatest hits of the 80's allowing Aretha Franklin to move our souls toward domination. I think it worked. George Michael also helped. I heard another car blasting the soundtrack from "Wicked." That music is less useful for preparing one's innerself for conquest I believe, but only time will tell.

As we pulled onto the grounds we felt two things: hunger pains and the impending heartache that comes from beating a team on their home turph. Unfortunately that second pain cannot be helped; it is only a matter of time. The first, however, was easily resolved through dinner at the Appalachian Brewing Company. They have been serving Gettysburg and Eastern Pennsylvania for over 30 years. Come to them for all your hunger-pain related needs!

Now I will give a shout-out to the seminary reading the blog at this moment: Hi Southern!

We are settling in and going over last minute plans. As it turns out, we've had to order new shirts. Our biceps were too huge for the one's we preordered, as we didn't plan on the exponential growth we've seen through the dedicated and time-honored practice of semi-towing. But our new Orange jerseys fit well, and we're looking forward to them getting nice and dirty tomorrow.

Jon Vehar has just gone to get us some apples, Snickers bars (they really satisfy you!), and eggs for breakfast. In the meanwhile we're all talking about sleep, football, and domination. We hope you'll check back with us. I intend, with appropriate access, to update after each game. Please stay tuned.


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