Saturday, November 08, 2008

Game One: LSTC vs. Gettysburg

Greetings Sports Fans,

Well, LSTC met the mighty team from Gettysburg on field one today. Weather was nice; ground was wet. With new rules in place for movement on the line, both teams sought to adjust their strategies accordingly.

LSTC kicked off first with the defense holding strong. Gettysburg drew first blood: 6 plus 2 extra points. LSTC returned the 6 in kind, but was unsuccessful in scoring the additional points needed for a tie. This repeated again for a half-time score of 16 to 12, Gettysburg advantage.

Star players for first half were Jamie for an interception, Brahm for successful passage, with Jon B. and Josh H.K. scoring the two touchdowns.

Second half started with LSTC's march to victory! Touchdown by Jon B. got us to 18. We were yet again unsuccessful on the extra points. Gettysburg scored yet again, bringing their score to 24. Defense takes the field. Defense holds them to 3 downs and Gettysburg kicks, getting a sizeable field advantage with 1min 15sec on the clock.

LSTC bites their nails.

Offense strives mightily, even drawing a foul for roughing the passer, but they were unable to score.

Time was called.

Final score: 24-18 Gettysburg.

But, we are not down and out. Having to play the homefield team on the first game of the day is rough, and we are more determined than ever to bring back the book!

Off for some nourishment and lunges. Our legs are tight, but our wills are strong.



P.S. Justin Eller is our mascot and he looks awesome in his aviator goggles, unitard, and orange cape. Pictures to come soon...

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Meagan said...

Sorry about the loss. The first game against the home team - rough!
We are still cheering here at home and waiting for a victory in the next game!