Monday, November 10, 2008

Note of Correction

Greetings All,

So, apparently my previous notation about "completely accurate" was slightly ambitious. My memory, as it turns out, is not that of a pachyderm. So, here is a slight retraction:

We did not win our final game with a score of 20-14. We won it with a score of 32-26 (with Jon Bergstrom completing a whopping 4 touchdowns and Mr. Brahm Smith completing 1).

Thanks to Brahm for the correction. As he stated to me in a strongly worded email that "As an offensive player, we want all of our scores!"

So, that is the complete and absolute truth, cross my heart.


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Joy and Ben said...

thank you, Tim, for this amazing and thorough account--and to the "orange crush" for playing so well again this year!