Saturday, November 08, 2008

Final Games: A Wrap Up

Greetings Football Lovers,

LSTC has finished their two other games and, although there were five minutes between them, I was unable to blog. Here is the late, but totally complete and accurate, account of both games.

Game 2: LSTC vs. Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal)

This game started out with bang! With the defense on the field first, we held the line strong but for a long Hail Mary that somehow connected with a receiver. VTS took the lead 6-0, but were unable to complete their point conversion.

Our offense retaliated, but were unable to score on this initial push. Defense was back in play. With amazing speed and agility, Rory was able to intercept a pass and run it all the way from the offensive 40 into the endzone. Touchdown LSTC! Being rightly pumped up from this victory, our defense once again took the field. VTS made another push and were successful, bringing the score to 14-6.

Half time came just as we were hitting our stride.

After the break, our offense came out strong but were unable to connect some key passes. We did not score on our initial outing of the second half. Feeling unwilling to let this go by, our defense takes the field intent on another interception...and just in time. With five minutes left on the clock, we had to make something happen.

VTS snaps the ball, but it's a sloppy snap. Taking advantage of the situation, Dave dives into the line, snatches the ball from the VTS quarterback, and runs it down to the 3 yard line before being tug. Another interception!!

Score is looking like it will soon be 14-12, advantage VTS. But there's still the requisite extra points which will send us into overtime as the clock is running out.

LSTC snaps the ball cleanly, Josh H.K looks left, looks right, no one is open! VTS' coverage is great. So, Josh takes matters into his own hands and dives the ball into the endzone. Touchdown!! 14-12, VTS, but we still have just enough time for an extra point.

But someone's down. A VTS defender named Matt was unintentionally caressed by Josh's shoulder as he dove in. And by "caressed" I mean that his knee was hit. Hard.

LSTC takes a knee as an ambulance is called. VTS's teammate is taken to the hospital. We hope he is fine.

Needless to say, our momentum (and some of our spirit) is lost. We still attempt the extra point, but our hearts were not in it and VTS wins.

Score so far: LSTC 0

Game 3: LSTC vs. LTSP (Philly)

Game begins with LSTC receiving. We march the ball down, freshly reinvigorated by our cheerleaders (thanks Manda, Justin, Caroline, and Laura!), and score on our first drive. Glorious glorious points! We, yet again, were unable to make the extra points-which we have now decided are the bane of our existence.

Defense takes the field. We hold Philly strong, not letting them move for any significant yardage, and once again the offense takes the field. This time, however, we play the short options and the long options with the QB sneak. All work beautifully. Advantage: LSTC as we gain another 6. Score is 12-0 LSTC.

Philly takes the field. They have an amazingly agile QB who tosses the snap off to another player, only to have that player throw the ball back to him down the field! Good use of gifts. Philly scores with the extra point. 12-8 LSTC.


We kick off, and our defense holds Philly back. Offense takes the field and scores on yet another drive! And this time...drum roll....we get the extra point! (Insert band music here)

Score: 20-8 LSTC.

Philly regains momentum for another touchdown, but the game is called in the last few seconds as even their extra point can't put them ahead. Final score: 20-14 LSTC!

All in all, we've had a great time here. Trinity Episcopal fought against Gettysburg in the championship, beating them by just a few points. So, in an ironic twist, Trinity Episcopal will be taking home the Book of Concord and the Luther bobble-head. We hope they read the BOC.

Bye for now, sportsfans. I'll try to update on last time before we're on the road.

But that, as they say, is that.



Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

This is Matt, from VTS. One of my teammates mentioned your blog, so I thought I'd check it out. Nicely written.

I'm sure your teammates are a bit concerned about what happened at the end of the second game, so I thought I'd take a quick minute to give an update.

According to the doctor at the hospital in Gettysburg, a bone at the top of my tibia broke in the collision. This particular bone connects one of the cruciate ligaments from the upper leg to the lower leg. I was pretty doped up as he was telling me all this, but my understanding is that I have both a break and a torn ligament in my knee. I'll be going to an orthopedic surgeon on Thursday. He'll make a more accurate diagnosis then and determine whether surgery is necessary and, if so, when it might be.

Tell Josh (QB) not to feel bad about the injury. Was it painful? Yes. Do I think he did it on purpose? Certainly not! It was a close game and everyone's adrenaline was pumping. I'm as much of a fierce competitor as the next guy (or gal!), so I understand that things like this happen.

I hope everyone had a good time and a safe trip back to Chicago. Best of luck in future Luther Bowls!


Joy and Ben said...

have you considered a side-career in sports writing? i think it's something you should look into... :)

Joy and Ben said...

have you considered a side-career in sports writing? i think it's something you should look into... :)