Sunday, December 03, 2006

Post Party Depression

Well, we had our big Advent Party. There was plenty of food and eggnog for everyone. My roommates and I call it our party ministry. Sometimes we think that we get so carried away with school and getting everything done that we forget to celebrate with people. It was nice to sit around and laugh, to invite people into our home. There is something very important about going to someone's home. I think you learn more about a person when you go to his or her home than any other way.

This is us just before the party began. I am the one NOT in Red. Everyone was supposed to bring something from his or her Christmas tradition. So we had Swedish Pastry and a German cake and Spiced Tea and wood carvings and Japanese paper angels and a Christmas CD of the concert at Luther a few years back. It was nice to share those things. I think it is important to have traditions and I enjoyed getting to know my classmates in that way. One thing is sure, even though it is a lot of work and comes at a really bad time in the semester, next year I'll have an Advent Party again.

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