Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tell Me Who Jesus Is

"Tell me who Jesus is." That's what Bishop Marie C. Jerge of Upstate NY said in her sermon to the LSTC community today. That question to a Lutheran seminary opens up a plethora of conversations: Christ's divinity, Christ's humanity, the work of Christ, the teachings of Christ, Christ as part of the Trinity, etc.... Next she said, no theological answers please. That really gets to the heart of it doesn't it? Who is Christ for and to me?

Sometimes with everything going on in my life, work, school, relationships, I feel like I'm just not making it. I'm always falling short or catching up. I feel like one of the disciples who just doesn't understand. I become hard on myself. But in the gospel lesson for this past Sunday, Jesus says, "Let the little ones come to me."

It reminds me that I am a little one. It reminds me that Christ picks me up in his arms and loves me- like the child I am. I tend to identify with the bumbling disciples of the gospel stories. But in Christ, I am a child who is loved and cared for, far more than I recognize.

In Christ,


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