Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lifestyles of the Squirrels

Here at LSTC, I have gotten well acquainted with many great people…oh, and several squirrels, too. It all started one day a squirrel started to build a nest outside my window for itself and its mate. There are metal spikes outside the windows to prevent pigeons from sitting there, but apparently not squirrels. The truth is that I wouldn’t mind the presence of my bushy-tailed buddies, except they often leap onto my window screen (see photo) with a loud Bang, and hang there, just looking at me. They also get into heated arguments from time to time, which is also distracting. After pushing the nest off of the window ledge, it was quickly rebuilt the next day.

My mother will periodically send me cookies in the mail, and one day I left them on the dinner table, and upon my return I saw that someone had taken bites out of several of the cookies. Perhaps to understand how terrible this crime was you must know that there are few cookies in the world quite as tasty as my mother’s. Then, I discovered a hole in my window screen and little paw prints…the squirrels ate my mother’s cookies! They must be stopped. So we replaced the window screen. However, a couple days later they ate through the new window screen and ate even more of the cookies! All they left this time was a few crumbs. Because of this impending threat, we are left to keep our windows closed. Okay, my little buddies, it was funny before, but c'mon, those were my mom's cookies!

I have concluded there is something different about Chicago squirrels; they are some sort of fearless survivor breed, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My sisters and brothers, it’s true, I try to love all of God’s creatures, but with regard to the squirrel, it has become quite difficult.

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