Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To go or not to go...that is the question

About a month ago I was asked if I would travel with other women in the ELCA to South Africa for a 2 week global seminar called "Women Building Global Community." My immediate response was YES! SEND ME! ...And then I found out the dates - 2 weeks in the middle of November (ie. right in the heart of the semester/quarter). While I didn't want to pass up this great opportunity, I also knew it wouldn't be easy to be gone for that amount of time during the school year. Just think of all things I'd be missing:

*I would miss my seminary class. Not only would I get behind on reading (would I really bring all those books with me across the world, and READ them?!), but there is also a paper due immediately upon my return...

*I would miss my social work class at the University of Chicago (I'm a dual degree student). They are on a quarter system still, so missing 2 out of 10 weeks is actually quite a bit!

*I would miss my social work internship. It is 24 hours a week, so making up 48 hours is going to be a lot of hours to make up.

*I would miss my cats. Being gone for 2 weeks is expecting a lot of my roommates isn't it?!

Well, even though I'll miss all of these things, I knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity to represent the ELCA in South Africa. That's the way God works - we don't always (or ever?) know where we'll be called next. I know that I'll have to work very hard to make up hours and classwork, but I also know it's worth it.

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not to mention the luther bowl