Sunday, February 22, 2009

Regional assignments

This is my senior year at LSTC. I was positively "Approved" for ordained ministry in December. Approval is the last step in the candidacy process. Now our senior class is going through the ELCA Assignment process to receive a first call in a congregation. Last week (Wednesday) we received our Regional Assignments. Our senior class gathered together in a worship service as we received the news of which regions we would be assigned to. Later that night we had a party. The tradition is that the middler (second) year students throw the seniors a party for their regional assignments.
I was assigned to Region 2, the southwestern region of the country. Now that we have received our regional assignments, we will await a synod assignment within that region within the next couple of weeks. From there we will interview with congregation(s) and eventually receive a call to a congregation within that synod.
It is hard to believe that our class is finishing our last year of seminary. Now that we are going through the assignment process, it is starting to slowly set in that we will be leaving each other and moving onto the next phase of life, a call to ministry.

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