Sunday, December 23, 2007

La Noche de los Pobres

Last night we had the children’s Christmas pageant (see picture). Joseph was missing in action, luckily we found a replacement. If you look closely you can see the shepherds sweating in their costumes, since it was in the 80’s here. The kids put a lot of work into it, and it went very well.

I’d like to share the chorus of one of the songs we sang, called “The Night of the Poor,” as a reflection for the Christmas season:

“Es la noche de los pobres; es la noche del amor; Nace pobre y es el Rey; tiene hambre y es el Pan, tiene frío y es el Sol.”

“It’s the night of the poor; it’s the night of love; he is born poor and is the King; he is hungry and is the Bread; he is cold and is the Sun.”

Christmas peace be with you.

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